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"The greatest thing you will ever do in your life will most likely be something you do in another person's life."

What do you look for in an employee? I believe that character is more important than experience and credibility has greater significance than know-how. A newly hired employee will gain experience over and time know-how can be learned. However, character and credibility are foundational. Character and credibility are not left at the workplace; they follow you wherever you go as an integral part of who you are. It is my hope that this site will not only show my professional experience and competencies, but also give insight into my character - both personal and professional.


TimHayesWeb.com is my home site and is dedicated to two purposes. First, TimHayesWeb.com and its sister site Datawrks.com exists to provide business development assistance to small and medium sized businesses in order to enable stable long-term growth and profitability. Second, I believe that working character cannot be separated from home life, values, and principles. Therefore, this site mixes my perceptions of the business environment with my own interests and hobbies for a more complete description and overview of my personal and business beliefs, character, work ethic, principles, managerial techniques, and values.


Many businesses would like the opportunity to grow, however, they find it difficult to know what directions or steps they should take. They often have limited resources and are afraid to risk those resources on markets or processes they do not understand. Furthermore, they are unsure how create corporate structure and develop processes that properly leveraging capital (equipment to make products, storefronts, etc...) for controlled, sustainable growth. Finally, entrepreneurs and small business owners are often experts in their field, but could greatly increase profitability by learning how to leveraging information collected on markets, customers, and products from both internal and external sources.

The truth is that it is not always the product that makes or breaks a small business. It is often the processes of production, sales, and information tracking that cause a business to succeed or fail. Information is power.

TimHayesWeb.com and DataWrks seeks to put the power of information back into the hands of the entrepreneurs and small business owners. Whether you are a growing dive operation, a security agency, a dry cleaner, or a technology start-up, we can help you grow faster, attain higher sales, and make better decisions by leveraging organized information, developing new and innovative processes, and providing analytical recommendations.


Timothy A. Hayes

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