"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart" -Colossians 3:23

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Tim graduated in 2000 from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems.   Recently, in September of 2005, Tim achieved a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Point Loma University.  Tim's work experience includes software development, management consulting, strategic development consulting for small and medium sized businesses, financial analysis, and operations management.   He is an active member of the San Diego Venture Capital Group.  Tim donates a substantial amount of time to assist small businesses and non-profit organizations in automation, computer programming, and other business services.    For a full list of professional and volunteer work experience please view my Resume.  In addition, please feel free to view case studies, download free software, or Contact Tim directly with questions and comments. 

Distinctive Competency: A degree in computer programming with extensive database design, development, and implementation coupled with an MBA and a strong business background.

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I grew up in the country, near Flagstaff Az..  I wish every child could grow up in the country.  We built forts, mountain biked, rode horses, and had a wonderful time.   I still love the outdoors.   During the summer I usually spend time camping near the pristine alpine waters of Silver Lake in California.   I enjoy backpacking, kayaking, rock climbing,  scuba diving, sailing, swimming, snorkeling, boarding, and snow boarding.  Basically anything outdoors.  


I have a passion for water.  I like nothing more than to dive and frolic in fresh water lakes and rivers.  I also enjoy the ocean and am PADI certified.  I dive mainly in Florida and off the coast of California. I hope to go to Hawaii soon!.   At times, I have traded my business and programming skills for dive time and boat charters.  


To find out what I am currently up to, you may review my Blog or MySpace account.    

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