The Great Pacific Storm of California.  January 6, 2008 

CLICK ON EACH PICTURE FOR FULL SIZE VERSION. In January of 2008 California experienced one of the strongest Pacific storms in over 20 years.  The storm may have been the lowest pressure system at 958 MB (compare to 960 for the famous “Perfect” storm).


The day before the storm, Monterey experienced some of the calmest, warmest weather of the year.  It was the calm before the storm:



This picture gives some perspective.   The waves at rocky point were over 40 feet high.   It looks small, but notice the person standing in the middle of the picture:




 Here is a picture of me in the same area that the man was standing:




The next pictures give some perspective to the video.  When I first went down to the beach I recorded this picture.  I was standing on top of a picnic table (last picture) fortunately and I was talking to two city workers who also jumped on top of the table when the wave came.  The wave is over 40 feet high.   Notice that the wall it hits is at least 20 feet high and the drop in front of me is at least 4 feet high. 










The video is a BIG file.  To view it right click and click “Save”.  Then open it on your computer.



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